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Life after my first Skye Terrier...
Never did I imagine all the wonders that would come my way--new friends, new experiences, a great hobby and of course the devotion that is felt between a Skye and owner.  It truly is "Heaven on Earth."
The purpose of this site...
To introduce this wonderful breed to potential owners--without denying the special skills it takes to live with a Skye, by sharing my personal experiences as a first time owner.
Is a Skye Terrier right for you?
Please do your research!  I will try to provide basic knowledge and personal observances of the Skye, but I am not an "expert."  Learn all you can by accessing the links provided on the following pages, contacting breeders, reading books and visiting dog shows. 

Please visit my new site at: www.elsmoor.com

To contact us please send inquiries to julie@elsmoor.com.