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Do you and your Skye a favor by feeding a good food. With so many new premium foods on the market it should be easy to find on that works for you. Foods that are chicken based are best for a Skyes coat. Protein content should be near 25% and not lower. Fat levels should be around 12%-15%.  We feed Timberwolf Organics Southwest Chicken and are very happy with it. Check out their website at www.timberwolforganics.com.
We also feed a few home cooked meals a week. Our favorites are fresh salmon, scallops or peeled and broiled shrimp.  We sautee our fish with fresh vegetables, including mushrooms and garlic in a bit of olive oil.  Then we add dired kelp and alfala sprouts.  He likes it if I add spices and have like rosemary, fennel, raw ginger root and cumin.  Rob just loves his cumin.  Right now we are growing our own herbs, including corriander and chives.  After simmering we add Thai rice noodles to absorb any extra liquid and let cool. 
Don't forget while feeding fish to debone.  Although there are many people that feed the BARF diet, I am not completely comfortable feeding raw meats or bones.
Your options here are many. One thing I know is that Skyes like fish. Try www.sitstay.com and check out their aquatic selections. Our favorites are Iceland Fish Skins, Alaskan Yummie Chummie Salmon Treats and Dogchoives.
Please stay away from rawhides that are not pressed or the ones with the knuckles. Aways monitor your pets when they play with rawhides, and never let them consume more than 1/8 the treats size at one sitting. They can be dangerous. Look for pizzle sticks or bullies that look fresh or are certified clean, and again watch your pals and limit consumption.
Skyes seem to prefer those big stuffed toys with many squekers as opposed to the small latex variety. For some reason they like the brown ones best. Don't be surprised when you see a Skye shaking a toy dramaticly. They are, what we like to call it, killing them! I told you that they weren't the right breed for everyone.
Another toy that we really like is the Jolly Ball.  They soccer balls, footballs or basketballs on a knotted rope. They make for some real fun, but are best played with outdoors.  You can generally find these at the major supply stores.
Remember to never let your Skye get defensive or too aggressive when playing with toys. This only encourages bad behavior and leads them to believe that they are better than you.You should be allowed to take a toy away from your Skye without it growling at you. Growling of any type should be halted from the beginning of puppyhood. It's a simple rule...there is just no talking allowed!
Don't let their looks deceive you!  Although Skye's have a luxorious outercoat, with regular grooming, it can be cared for easily.  Unlike many terrier coats, you do not have to strip a Skyes coat and shedding is minimal. 
Using a long, firm pin brush and a wide tooth comb, remove dead undercoat and brush the underneath layers first...then move on to the top coat.  The top coat's texture is similar to human hair.  It should have the consistency of horse mane.  During our grooming sessions we also trim toe nails and remove the hair between the toes.
Now that he has an adult coat, I bathe Rob usually at least once a week--sometimes less.  It depends on his acitivities, shows or the evervescent level of his "manliness."  Your best bet is to dilute your shampoo and pour it through the coat, creating lessor opportunity for matting and breakage.  I prefer to let him air dry before brushing. 
Regular grooming is essential with Skye ownership.  Without it mats will occur and make future grooming sessions hard on you and your Skye.  Consider grooming part of your training process.  Start when they are young and work with them on a regular schedule.
Skyes need firm yet fair treatment in all aspects of training.  The most important thing you can do for a Skye is to socialize them early and never stop.  It is critical to their adaptaion in the world.
The human needs to establish themselves as "King or Queen" to a Skye or trouble could develop.  Alpha status in you home does not need to be accomplished by physical means.  Treating a Skye harshly or with hand is NEVER a good idea.  They need to respect their leader and if you hurt them they will never forgive you.

Rob as Winners Dog in Louisville, Kentucky, 2003.
Judging is breeder-judge, Walter Goodman. Owner/Handler of Westminster's only Best in Show Skye.